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Activewear: Taking the Clothing Industry by Storm

Posted on 31 March 2017

The recent Activewear Parody Video that has been taking the internet by storm was partly the inspiration behind this post. It highlights an important new era of fashion--activewear. With activewear's popularity being at an all time high, it's both millennial and Gen Y fashion necessities. But the question is, is it here to stay? We at Fitness Hub think so.
Activewear is versatile, and broad. It's all encompassing--even denim jeans are now being included in activewear stores, for example, our YogaJeans. We think the common misconception surrounding activewear is that it's strictly for working out in, with no real range of fabric, color, style, and even size. This could not be farther from the truth! As activewear continues to gain speed, more and more are jumping on the activewear movement because of it's adaptability. From the office, to the gym, to out for the night, to lounging around at home, it doesn't get more versatile than that. But originally, activewear was far from diverse, which is probably where this misconception was born. Initially, Activewear's main focus was comfort, and who doesn't want to be comfortable?
 Unsurprisingly, more and more activewear pop ups are appearing as celebrities started wearing it casually, more and more jumped on the bandwagon. These days, simply walking down the street ensures passing at least 3 women in full on activewear. Big name brands are also taking notice of the movement, and increasing their activewear selections in response.
With activewear brands like Spiritual Gangster, Onzie, and Teeki, (all Yoga inspired brands) their apparel is extremely versatile with many of it serving both athletic and non-athletic purposes. For example, Teeki redefines activewear, with eco-conscious fabric. Activewear is no longer JUST for the gym, it's for festivals, for dancing, flow and movement... for the modern, active woman. 
Onzie also has that same duality, serving as both loungewear and activewear (called athleisure) with Free-Flow Fabric Technology that helps to keep you cool while you sweat. Stylistically, Onzie does quite well with combining both activewear and everyday apparel for a completely original look. Many of their leggings can be paired with everyday clothes, but has the added benefit of comfortable, moisture wicking material.
What seems to be the most popular, is combination clothing, which we think will make a lot more headway with the activewear industry in the coming months. If you think about it, having normal clothes that are made with activewear fabric is the obvious choice, comfort wise of course--but also stylistically speaking. 
Did all this activewear talk give you the itch for a new pair of yoga pants? You're in luck! Fitness Hub is getting Spring Collection shipments from all of your favorite brands this month: Varley, Spiritual Gangster, Onzie, Teeki, ChilbyWill, Terez, TLF, DYI, to name a few. Shop in store or online and check out the new Spring 2017 goodies! 
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