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10 Things To Always Have In Your Gym Bag

Posted on 21 June 2017

Whether you’re a dedicated yogi, or ultra-marathoner, you probably know that the right workout gear can make all the difference in your performance, stamina, and confidence.
From your loose tank getting caught to sweat interference, nothing should hold you back during a workout. Ahead, you’ll find the tried-and-true essentials that should always be kept on hand to avoid any potential gym mishaps. 
1. A Fitted Top
A Fitted Top is a must have! More than just offering full coverage, a good moisture wicking top will keep your focus off your clothes, and on your workout, where it should be. Who wants to worry about sweat marks? One great moisture wicking top that provides considerable support is the Free People City Slick Bra. It's UV protective, and provides good support and comfort for a tough workout. Another great option is the Onzie 354 Chic Bra. The cross back adds to its support and functionality... and style, of course.
2. Comfortable Tights
Without Fitted Tights, other gym goers might get to know you a little too well, a little too fast. A bad fitting pair of tights or shorts can have people seeing a lot more than otherwise anticipated during a workout, and that is the absolute last thing you should have to worry about! A great functional yet chic legging is the Varley Palms Tight. It's excellent for a light exercise like yoga or pilates, while mainting form and shape. 
-Fitness Hub Tips-
Depending on the brand, most activewear leggings should be bought a size smaller. Most should mold to your body, unlike any old pair of denim jeans or your work slacks.
3. Sports Bra
As a rule of thumb, you want to look for these 3 things in a sports bra:
support, a good range of motion, and of course, STYLE, STYLE, STYLE!
Luckily Fitness Hub has bras that ONLY fit this category, aren't you glad to have us? 
Shefit is great for big busted ladies, with patented adjustability for your own unique fitting.
4. Grippy Socks
No embarrassing slips here! Add a pair of Grippy Socks to that bag so your ready for any class at any time. These socks are especially good for dance and yoga, allowing you to hold even your toughest poses. Stop in our boutique location for some grippy socks, our personal favorite is SHASHI, a durable, breathable, gripable sock that has both style and functionality. 
5. A Water Bottle
A refillable water bottle is not only an environmentally conscious decision, but a big money saver too. Not to mention keeping you well hydrated, a must have for every workout. We carry Swell Bottles, a reusable stainless steel bottle that keep your drink cool for 24 hours hot for 12 hours. Non-leaching and non-toxic, with a triple walled interior to eliminate condensation-- it's an obvious choice. 
6. Water Proof Bag
Keep a water proof bag or pouch handy to keep any sweaty clothes contained and away from your phone! No smell. No mess. Our Aloha Bags are the perfect addition to your work out, or even just a day at the beach. They're great for containing wet clothes, or keeping important items dry. 
7. Hair-tie
Trust us, you don't want to be without a hair tie. We carry The Duelette in store, which functions as both a bracelet and a hair tie! Opt for this unique hair-tie bracelet for a work to gym to night look!
8. Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil is a healthy and powerful alternative to face wash, with antioxidants and fatty acids which are protective and moisturizing. Just a dot of coconut oil while keeping your skin fresh post workout. We carry Conscious Coconut, an ethical coconut oil brand.
9. Deodorant 
No need to convince you. This all natural alternative delivers a dose of magnesium, which stops odor, boosts energy, recharges muscles, protects the heart, and detoxes heavy metals from your blood stream so you can perform at your peak! NFuse is preservative free, phthalate free, aluminum free, and paraben free. This is definitely a deodorant you can feel good about. 
10. Mesh, Mesh, Mesh!
Do NOT, underestimate the power of a good mesh top or legging. Adding some much needed breathability to your workout, you'll be feeling cool enough to do another set or even go an extra 10 minutes. We carry a wide array of brands that feature mesh in their activewear--from leggings, to sports bras, and tanks!
**Blog front page picture are our Vooray Duffle Bags!** 
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