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Juana De Arco and Mariana Cortes: Patchwork Art Meets Lingerie

Posted on 23 February 2017

Generally, when people think of patchwork, they think of their grandma’s basic patchwork for rips and tears in their old dress or jeans. But Juana De Arco is anything but basic or ordinary. 
 Enter Mariana Cortes, a trendsetting textile designer based in Argentina who creates unconventional, yet groundbreaking patch work apparel, active wear, accessories, and lingerie. Mariana began designing clothing in Palermo Viejo, a then quiet neighborhood right outside of Buenos Aries. 
Mariana does her designs and illustrations directly on finished fabric, and these designs are then screen printed, which allows for the design to be copied over and over, with an unlimited variation of styles and colors. This is the charm behind Juana De Arco! Each article of clothing is completely one-of-a-kind.
Textile design is an old practice, and Mariana brings a fresh look to the table. Her style evokes a homemade, vintage aesthetic without seeming dated, overdone, or too busy. The colors and tones Mariana utilizes are absolutely breath taking. For someone who loves art, or is an artist themselves, there might be a special appreciation for Juana de Arco with them. Her styles incorporate vivid colors and tones, with a collage like structure and repetitive patterns that have a Latin influenced, visually stunning mood. Mariana draws inspiration from the world around her: music, art, love, and travel.
Mariana hopes to communicate Argentina as an international culture, with roots prevailing in each country. Interestingly, the brand itself is yoga inspired, which embodies eastern culture and spirituality. Because Mariana’s artwork can appeal to everyone, with no set target market, it’s no surprise that Juana has taken off in other countries. Currently, there are two flagship boutiques in Japan that distribute locally to Japanese boutiques. There are also multi brand stores that distribute Juana around the U.K. and the U.S., some of which are in Florida and Miami, like Fitness Hub!
This mosh posh of different cultures is truly representative of the patterned, almost mosaic style of Mariana, where she designs from everything that inspires her. Her most recent summer collection for example, titled “Florida”, is inspired by everything that comes to mind when thinking of Florida for Mariana. Her One-Of-A-Kind collection has an idea that remains consistent, while colors and styles are one of a kind. The collection can be representative of culture in the broadest sense; it is eternal, but also adapts to an ever-changing world. These changes have an effect on us as individuals, but can also work to diversify and broaden us all in positive ways.
As individuals, we want something that will match our style, be versatile, and help to achieve our own unique look. Juana De Arco prides themselves on the thousands of print and color combinations that make each item unique, and believe that there is something for everyone with Juana. There is no real target niche, there are customers of all different ages, sizes, and styles. 
“Dress Up Your Inside” and stop buy Fitness Hub to give the artful Juana De Arco by Mariana Cortes a look!
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