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Summer Is here! 5 Workout Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

Posted on 01 July 2017

Summer is upon us once again, and boy is it hot this year! It's easy to put off working out simply because doing ANYTHING with the sun beating down on you can be strenuous. Luckily, the studio provides an air conditioned sanctuary for all seasons. But just in case you can't make the studio happen, whether your running on a tight schedule or are out of town, these helpful tips will keep you active despite this crazy heat! 
1. Workout Earlier:
You'll want to avoid working out in the afternoon, as it gets too hot TOO EARLY in the summertime. Set your alarm to wake up an hour or two earlier. I know it's a bummer, but trust us, it's not nearly as bad as running at noon in the blazing hot sun. 
2. Run When it's Drizzling: 
Running in the rain can be a nice change of pace, especially if you are the super sweaty type. Definitely WOULD NOT RECOMMEND running during a torrential downpour. 
3. Bring Your Workout to the Water:
Ever done yoga? Ever paddle boarded? Ever done Yoga on a paddle board? Water yoga, aqua jogging, water aerobics, even swimming laps are all a great ways to cool off while still getting your workout in! 
Play an Adult Sport:
Usually adult sports are held at night due to everyone's work schedules, so it's a good way to get some activity in without being under the scorching sun. From adult softball or kickball, to running groups or crossfit classes, there are a lot of good options for those really trying to escape the summer heat. 
4. Keep an Eye Out for Heavily Shaded Parks or Areas:
Finding a great running trail underneath a blanket of shade is a good way to beat the summer heat. Search up some local parks and check google pictures, you may just find your dream track to frequent. 
5. Do What You Can To Stay Active: 
If you really can't bring yourself to workout outside, there a lot of great personal trainers on youtube. If you have space, you can set up a yoga mat in your living room. Or even purchasing a pair of light weights to keep JUST for super hot days, can be good. If your short on time, lift light weights while they watch tv, or read a book. 
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