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Lean, Strong, and Unstoppable: BODYPUMP

Posted on 18 March 2017

BODY PUMP is the original weight lifting class that has been sweeping the nation since 1997. It's popularity is due to it's full body, moderate to high resistance based training that sculpts all major muscle groups with squats, presses, lifts and curls using only a barbell. Not only does it tone and increase strength, but overall fitness and wellbeing is achieved, with up to 560 calories total burned per class. It's great for those wanting lean muscle vs bulk, as it is low weight and high rep. For beginners, BODY PUMP works well, since the weight can be interchangeable, meeting your specific needs. 
PUMP classes took New Zealand and Australia by storm in the late 80s. When barbells were added to the mix, and the class was renamed BODY PUMP, the rest was history.
Body pump uses light to moderate weights with heavy repetition to create a total body work out. The secret to BODY PUMP's success is THE REP EFFECT, a scientifically proven method of training. Per class, one will generally perform 800-1,000 reps. The slow lifting generally seen in BODY PUMP maximizes resistance and prolongs tension with increased blood flow. This creates a more aesthetically pleasing muscle tone.
We have very experienced trainers at Fitness Hub's Studio location. With Jerome Fresch as our intro to regular class trainer, Ashley Bogosian and Jenny Little as our BODY PUMP Express trainers, and Nina Dimagiba as our Express and Regular class trainer, there are a lot of options for beginners, to those short on time, or for BODY PUMP professionals! Our BODY PUMP classes feature a fun, total body workout with a rhythmic music selection that syncs to the routine. 
Download our Fitness Hub Studios app for a comprehensive schedule of all our classes each week!
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