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Nicole Mejia's Picks

Celebrating the Body Beautiful for ALL Women

We are thrilled to partner with fitness icon Nicole Mejia to celebrate all body types. The idea of this collection is to highlight that no matter what your unique shape, Fitness Hub has you covered.

We partnered with Nicole because she promotes self-love, body acceptance, and a deep appreciation for women. She has struggled to find workout apparel that fits her unique shape–– an issue shared by many of her 1.2 million followers. We created this collection for them and real women like them. These items are wear-tested by Nicole and have her seal of approval. She went through our entire inventory and personally put these styles to the test to hand-pick the very best. She has certified these styles as squat proof, slip-proof, comfortable, no fuss, fashion-forward, and going to last you a very long time. You're paying for luxury, quality, and high-performance in pieces that will work hard for you and look beautiful.

Koral Lustrous High Rise Legging Lead Nicole MejiaKoral Lustrous High Rise Legging Lead
KoralLustrous Infinity High Rise Legging
Starting at $49.99

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